Prayer of The Untamed

Open my eyes to see Your true beauty, and blind me to all that is false and ugly. 

Attune my ears to hear Your voice, and deafen me to the whispers of Satan.

Give my mind understanding of Your mysteries, and render unintelligible the wisdom of the world.

Open my mouth to speak truth and the Gospel of Peace, and prevent my tongue from uttering lies.

Strengthen my hands to serve in Your name, and paralyze them to do harm.

Show me the true wealth of simplicity and the ruin of greed.

Show me the honor of humility and the peril of pride.

Increase my desire for obscurity and my distaste for fame.

Silence my complaints against difficulties.

Increase my tolerance for risk.

Grant me the courage to endure suffering.

When my time on earth is complete, welcome me into Your presence.