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The Untamed


What if there’s more to the Christian life than we think?

Jesus Christ was hardly the meek and mild figure depicted in children’s Bibles and stained glass windows. He was tough and courageous and controversial. When He said “Follow Me,” He called people to a life that was mostly difficult and often dangerous. Today, the Christian life is popularly described as a blessed life proven by answered prayers and God’s good favor. It promises much and asks very little. Are we to believe the Way of Christ has become easy and safe? Or have we exchanged the real thing for a domesticated version of it; inconsequential to most and offensive to no one? The Untamedchallenges conventional Christian thinking and takes Jesus at His word. It’s for anyone who has been living a good Christian life, but knows in their gut there has to be more. It’s for anyone who doesn’t like everything Jesus said, but knows He was right. It’s for anyone who admits Jesus makes them nervous, but wants desperately to know Him anyway. 

Michael E Gunter


Michael E. Gunteris an independent writer. A Christian for thirty-six years and a pastor for twenty, he writes from the depth of experience with a voice of longing to know Christ and walk in His ways. Michael is a graduate of Charleston Southern University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He published his first book on the Christian life, A Life Not Wasted, with Gazelle Press in 2005. He is an electric guitarist and author of six novels. 

Kevin B Jones


Joining Michael in the pursuit of the Untamed, Kevin B Jones, a fellow graduate of Charleston Southern University, launched a successful career in real estate during his senior year in college. Throughout his career, he led teams to broker over $500M in property sales across the Carolinas. 

Jones, published two (2) print and digital magazine franchises in the Carolinas, and is currently the owner of a new print and digital media franchise, serving the medical community in the Raleigh Durham, NC market area.

Serving as past President of the SC Football Hall of Fame and Olympic Torch Relay Manager for both the Salt Lake Winter Olympics and the Athens Summer Olympics, Kevin transitioned into his role as National Director of Sports Recruiting in January 2018. Over the years, Jones has had the privilege to work with some of the greatest collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes in the world!

In 2002, Kevin served as Olympic Torch Bearer Manager for the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, where he traveled 18,500 miles, working with city officials and local Olympic Torch Bearers throughout 46 states. He later served as Olympic Torch Bearer Manager for the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, where he traveled around the world, managing the Olympic Torch Relay in the following locations: Melbourne, Australia; Delhi, India; Mexico City, Mexico; New York, NY; Helsinki, Finland; Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland; Rome, Italy; and Sofia, Bulgaria.  

Mr. Jones’ philanthropic and community endeavors include his previous role as Founder and CEO of Hometown Heroes International, Board of Directors for Legacy Road 501(c)(3), and Advisory Board for Ruth Graham Ministries, along with his continued support for the Nicaragua Project and Connie Maxwell Children’s Home.  

Kevin married his college sweetheart, Betty. After 30+ years together, they have raised three (3) amazing young adults, Maddi, Chase, and Abbey. Residing in Greensboro, NC, Kevin continues his passion for college football, is an avid musician and songwriter, and still tries to find time to pursue his love for travel, hiking, and fly-fishing. 

Letter to Michael

Intro and Chapter One

February 17, 2019 at 8:15 A.M. 

Good morning my brother,

It is 7:35 A.M. and I have just spent the last 90 minutes reading the Introduction and Chapter One of your book. Yes, that’s a blazing 9 minutes a page. The pages are marked with my notes and reflections as I plowed through the depth of your writing. 

In my innocence, maybe arrogance, I heard the words you said when you shared the idea on The Untamed. I heard the weatherman say there would be an overwhelming snowfall overnight. But I did not dress properly for it as I made my way out the door. I wasn’t prepared for the sting my body would feel as I trudged through. I became weary... quickly. In other words, I read about the marathon... I spoke with people who had run marathons. But it was clear in my ache that I was not prepared for the marathon. 

I thought I would be able to get through the majority of the chapters today and call you on Monday with some encouraging words of reassurance that you are on the right path. All of that fell to the wayside after a mere 10 pages. I sit here exhausted, somewhere on the path of The Untamed, curled up in a fetal position, praying the air will refill my lungs and my heart will stop pounding in my ears. 

I have read other books that you have written and truly loved each one. Coming from a guy that has only read a handful of books cover to cover, that may seem like an underwhelming complement. However, it is important that I write you and share with you how and what I experienced in these first 10 pages. 

First, when I have read your books in the past, I hear your voice in my head, reading it to me. I hear your inflections and tone that only decades of familiarity can reproduce. That is not the case with The Untamed. 

When I read these words, I heard the voice of God. The words were hard on the surface but were accentuated with the underlying softness and tenderness of grace. It was the voice that should have shamed me for my lack of depth. My eyes well with tears as I am writing this. I am ashamed. I have been stopped dead in my tracks. I am square in the assassin’s crosshairs. 

I’m not sure how long it will take me to get through the remaining chapters. I haven’t even gotten to Chapter Two and I am finding myself this morning, facing the question head on... How do I see God?

It is the question that demands my immediate attention yet the discipline to not answer quickly. It is the question that will have profound effect on and in my career, my relationships, and my own personal level of comfort and security. 

I tried to call you this morning. My impulsive nature is not flattering in times like these. The phone stopped on the 3rd ring... with the message “call failed”. It forced me to stop and write what I experienced. To try to capture not only the beautiful and majestic surface of the ocean’s wave, but to heed the danger and power of its undertow. 

With that, I leave you for now. And will dive into Chapter Two, once I catch my breath. I love you dearly and have never been more proud of who you are and what you mean in this world. You have been trained and are ready for The Untamed. I know it doesn’t mitigate the pain and endurance required for its application to our lives, but I will join you on this journey and walk wherever He leads into The Untamed. 

Much love,


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